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What FUZIONFIT Classes


Beach Booty Camp

Beach Booty Camp is a class that blends the benefits of pilates and barre, in order to help you get that toned core and perfect booty all year round. This class is hosted by our amazing instructor Verda, who has a passion to push you to your limits. 


FuzionFit HIIT is a high intensity interval class. We love kettlebells in this class, along with a variety of other tools. Tuesdays are cardio focused, and our goal is to get you moving and sweating. Thursdays are strength focused, and our goal is to get your strong, and confident in a range of movements. 

Breaking Barre

Breaking Barre is a low impact high intensity class that will tone and lengthen the muscles in just 60 minutes! A fusion of strength training, pilates, yoga and cardio with a strong focus on core work. You will target muscles you never knew you had and leave class feeling stronger and walking taller. 

Soul Fit
SoulFit is a cardio dance class with follow-along choreography and is for all levels of experience. We utilize many different styles of dance to bring a sense of play, self-expression, and freedom of movement to the dancer. SoulFit is the perfect way to thoroughly enjoy cardio while challenging the mind and body.

Dance Fitness Choreography

Class will begin with a somatic practice in which we will give ourselves a chance to drop into our bodies and settle any nerves/observe our internal state as well as provide a moment to regulate to the activity we will be doing (5-10 mins)

Then we will move into Isolations (a practice that allows us to create movement using only parts of the body at a time) and Warm Up (which would be a short 5 - 10 minute pilates workout).

Finally, we will get into the choreography aspect of the class. We will learn a 30 second combo over the span of 30 minutes, and by the end of it we will spend the last 10 minutes dancing the full routine out and just having fun! (Facing mirrors to learn and facing away from mirrors to dance)

My goal and intention with this class is to support movers to reconnect with their bodies, learn new ways of moving, and create more comfort and safety in our bodies.

Mat Pilates

We will be practicing all of your fundamentals of Pilates on the mat, including breathing, spinal elongation, core control etc. The class will include props such as y
oga blocks, resistance bands, physio balls etc.This class will not only challenge your core strength but also add a deeper body and mind connection, improve your overall posture and help reduce injuries in your daily, physical life.

Functional Fitness

Get your cardio up and train your fast twitch muscle groups with Pilates and Hatha Yoga alignment principles leading the movement. A combo of core work, calisthenics and bodyweight exercises including, TRX, kettlebells, free weights etc. Training our body to work easily in everyday movements, as well as increasing full body strength, flexibility, and stability. This class is great for cross-training any other activities you do as well!

Yoga for Every Body 

A time for you to connect with your animal body through creative, enjoyable movement inquires.  It is NOT your “typical” yoga.  Devarshi has been studying and teaching yoga for over four decades and designs his classes for optimal health, deep inner connection, and incorporates breathwork throughout.  Classes can be taken at any level. You are invited to be relaxed or to find edges of endurance strength and flexibility just right for you. First class is free.  Come once, I’m sure you’ll get hooked. 

Yoga Recovery

Experience whole body rejuvenation with this yoga for recovery class. This unique style seamlessly integrates yin and restorative yoga to address flexibility, injury recovery, joint health and energy replenishment.

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