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What FUZIONFIT Classes


Beach Booty Camp

Beach Booty Camp is a class that blends the benefits of pilates and barre, in order to help you get that toned core and perfect booty all year round. This class is hosted by our amazing instructor Verda, who has a passion to push you to your limits. 

ISO Flow

Iso Flow is a Tahitian dance style class, with fundamental movement breakdowns. We will focus on the isolation of the core and hips. This class is hosted by Mahana. 

Soul Fit

SoulFit is a cardio dance class with follow-along choreography and is for all levels of experience. We utilize many different styles of dance to bring a sense of play, self-expression, and freedom of movement to the dancer. SoulFit is the perfect way to thoroughly enjoy cardio while challenging the mind and body.

Align and Flow

This yoga class is for all levels of yoga experience! Lauren, the instuctor, has a background in Baptiste yoga, which focuses on vinyasa, breath, creating heat internally, drishti (gaze), and building a strong foundation through proper alignment. You can expect to flow, while also being challenged to hold poses and deepen stretches. This class also will incorporate some meditation and breathing techniques to enhance your practice both on and off the mat. Come have fun and move and come as you are! This class is perfect for cross training, recovering, and building a strong foundation mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Woman stretching